On this page you will find free, downloadable resources that may provide some benefit to your daily practice.  Please check back occasionally for new content!
This originated as a tool for my students at SUNY Fredonia and has continually evolved over the years.  I practice with drones often and find them useful for intonation and tone development.  These studies are a compilation of various exercises that compliment drone practice while simultaneously addressing basic fundamentals.  
Arban’s Famous Method is the benchmark by which all brass method books are measured.  It is a comprehensive resource for brass techniques, and working through the large volume of exercises can be intimidating without a plan.  This routine arranges the Arban book into 16 sections and promotes a structured system for working through each exercise.  This approach is time consuming, but the resulting benefit is highly rewarding.
This resource was given to me by Edward Kleinhammer when he visited during my junior year at SMU.  I revisit this exercise when I’m struggling to center my notes or get immediate sound at the front of my notes.  Before executing the exercise, make certain to read carefully his “Thoughts to Ponder”.