Recordings played an integral part in my development as a musician. Orchestral music draws from a wide palette of sound colors, and I was endlessly fascinated with how composers could paint a vivid picture in my mind with their music. Each piece told a different story, and I longed to one day be a storyteller.

Presently, I can be heard on 46 albums with six different orchestras, including the 2017 GRAMMY award-winning Shostakovich Symphony #5 with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra under Manfred Honeck. As I reflect on each album, they now tell a different kind of story. Every recording contains a vivid memory of the amazing colleagues and friends, past and present, with which I had the privilege to share the stage, and the life events surrounding it.  For me, music is the deepest connection possible. Please follow the links below to see my current discography, and I wish you happy listening!